international students at swarthmore college

Welcome to the website of the International Club at Swarthmore College! : )

April 2009: The Daily Gazette has awesomely posted videos from last week's Cultural Show (filmed by Gabriel Ramirez)! You can watch them here at:

Jan 2009:
**Rest in peace Gloria! You are much missed..**

We are currently home to many international students from all over the world (a conservative estimate puts us at about 95 students representing some 35 or so countries). We get together once a week over dinner, host events, and basically provide a network of support for international Swatties.

Our former international student advisor, Gloria Evans, also has a site that has useful info. Meanwhile, check out events for the latest news, especially upcoming and recent events, starting from international orientation 2008. (There are some pictures, too!)

New students (and maybe even some 'old' ones) may want to browse the survival guide & FAQs that some wise i20 predecessors have compiled.

Also, the iSAMs are a great potential resource for any i20-er looking for some insider knowledge on particular departments, classes and profs.

Write to the board ( i20.swat @ gmail.com ) with any questions & comments!